7,957 numbered verses New Testament
23,283, numbered and unnumbered verses Old Testament

7,957 / 23,283 = 0.34175
First Trump vanishing 4:13:57 UTC.

All believers are corporately known as the

There are also 144,000, individuals who are the foundation known as the white horse riders, the man child, the teachers, the little child, the mordecai group, the present.

Inverse of 144,000 =

~  0.00263 x ~ 0.00263

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

6:23 p.m.

11th day 8th month Moses’ Calendar

Inverse 144,000 = ~ e^-11.8


Jesus coming to Mount of Olives 2025

Revelation 2:25

“But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.”

Tangent 2.25 radians = -1.238627

18:23 Jerusalem time zone Sunset becoming New day 276

This verse is ~ 0.1113861 percent of Book of Revelation

Day 276, is 1st month 11th day on God’s Original calendar

18:23 is ~ 18.36 hrs. of the day

This day is the 7th month 11th day on Moses’ calendar

Right triangle
Side A = 7,957 numbered verses in New Testament
Side B = 23,283 numbered and unnumbered verses in Old Testament

This creates angle ~ 71.13206

which hides 7th month 11th day 6:23 p.m. Jerusalem sunset
when Jesus comes to Mount of Olives

He rose 1st month 17th day on Moses’ calendar
He rose 6:23 a.m. Jerusalem sunrise