Comet ison, a sign seen in the heavens

Comet Ison will be closest to sun on Nov. 28, 2013, which is the 25th of Kislev known as Hanuakah “the Festival of Lights”. It is coming down through Regulus down through Spica located in Virgo. Yahweh is trying to get His people to look up. From Nov. 28, 2013 to the Sign given spoken of in Rev. 12, which occurs on Sept, 23, 2017 is exactly 2,008,800 seconds. Those skilled in the songs numbered 288 spoken of in 1 Chronicles 25:7 “so the number of them, with their brethern that were instructed of the songs of the Lord, even all them that were cunning, was 288.”

Comet Ison’s path is following down the EXACT place where Rev. 12 sign will be seen in heavens coming Sept. 23, 2017.

As stated throughout the blog the resurrection of the elect to the third heaven is on the 11th of Cheshvan in 2024. On Oct, 15, 2013, Comet Ison will be in alignment with Regulus and Mars. Oct. 15, 2013, is the 11th of Cheshvan. Oct. 15, 2013 is exactly 1,440 days before Sept, 23, 2017, the day in which Rev. 12 is fulfilled.

Rev. 14 speaks of the group the 144,000 who could learn the song. It is the song of understanding time. The reason why the tribulation starts on the Feast of Tabernacles is because we are going to tabernacle with the Lord for seven years, thus the feast was celebrated for seven days. That word “celebrate” means to dance in a circle with joy. There will be much joy when the Body of Christ dwells in unity.

David spoke of this is Psalm 133: 1-3. “Behold, how good and how pleasant (delightful, sweet, lovely, agreeable, singing, sweetly sounding, musical) is it for the brethern to dwell (remain) together in unity! It is like the precious (agreeable) ointment (fruitful land) upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; as the dew of Hermon (santuary) and as the dew (latter rain) that descended upon the mountains of Zion (parched place), for there the Lord comamanded the blessing, even life for evermore (everlasting, indefinite or unending future, eternity).”

Understanding time is understanding degrees in a circle. Joshua circled Jericho seven times on the seventh day

7 x 360 = 2520. The heavenly cubit is 25.20″, of an angel.

There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Cana means reed as in measuring reed, and Galilee means circuit.
Meauring reed circuit of time. The word of God is transforming us into His image. The word is the seed. It is going to bring forth much fruit within the lives of the elect. We are in training to be joint-heirs with the King of the universe.


Comet ison, a sign seen in the heavens


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