Yahweh's Structure of Universe

The Bible structure reveals the answer to the Universe.

Psa 103:13
Like as a father pitieth (love) his children, so the LORD pitieth
(Love) them that fear him.

There are 31,103 numbered verses in bible.

•On 10-3 the 1,103 minute from midnight Yeshua is seen on Throne in air on Feast of Trumpets.

•Translation 1,103 minute from midnight 40 days and 40 nights later

•Heavens open and Yeshua comes to Mount of Olives at sunset on solar day Oct. 2, 2025, on the 1,103 minute from midnight.

There are 137 unnumbered verses.

The number that hold universe together is

Known as the Fine – Structure Constant is 137.

Right Triangle

Side A = 31,103
Side B = 137
Side C = 31,103.3017

1,103 minute from midnight which is 101 minutes into new day 317 the translation will occur.

Total chapters is 1189
The word November translated means (9)

Translation to third heaven is on solar day November 11, which at evening has become new day 11th day 8th month on Moses’ calendar.

929 chapters in Old Testament

Yeshua born on 9/29.


Yahweh’s Structure of Universe


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