Wisdom of Yahweh

King Solomon’s temple total perimeter was:
440 cubits

Kings Solomon’ house total perimeter was:
720 cubits

440 + 720 = 1,160 cubits

1,160 x 25.2″ (heavenly cubit) = 29,232″

Solar day 9/22, in the evening becomes 9/23

Great Wonder occurring!!!

29,232″ / 12″ = 2,436 feet.

The special times 6:23 PM and 6:24 PM.

All different days.

6:23 PM Anointing upon manchild
6:23 PM Tribulation starts
6:23 PM Anointing Upon Bride
6:23 PM Yeshua seen on throne in air
6:23 PM Elect rise
6:23 PM Heaven’s Open and following minute at 6:24 PM peace on Earth starts.


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