Gate of Heaven


Gen 28:17

And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful (astonishment, awe) is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the GATE OF HEAVEN.

2817 ~ 1728

Volume of New Jerusalem:

12,000 x 12,000 x 12,000 = 1,728,000,000,000

Cubic furlongs.

Right triangle:

Side A = 28

Side B = 17

Side C = √ 1,073 = ~ 32.7

September means (7).

“Door” is mentioned in 173, verses.

•Great Wonder Anointing occurs 1st month 3rd day on Yahweh’s calendar which is 3rd day 7th month on Moses’ calendar which is September 23.

•5th seal Barley harvest occurs 7:13 PM

•10-3, which is 7th month 1st day on Moses’ calendar Yeshua seen on throne in air and gathers wheat.

•Day 317, on solar calendar wheat is harvested.

Exo 28:17

And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this shall be the first row.

Isa 28:17

Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.


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