Chief Cornerstone


Christ Angle 26.3 degrees (angles D and E) found in Giza, and also angle from Northeast corner of Giza to Bethlehem is 26.3 degrees.

(6) Waterpots (2) and (3) firkins at wedding at Cana.

Dimensions of Solomon’s Temple 60 x 20 x 30 cubits.

263 ~ 623 ~ 6:23 PM.

The answer to the riddle. Giza. The chief cornerstone revealed. The angle of the chief Cornerstone
is ~ 76.3 degrees. Angle (C). Beginning of new day when Rev. 12: 1-2, is fulfilled is 6:37 PM.

Angles (A) and (B) are 51.83 degrees in which the Cosine of 51.83 reveals Phi ~ .618

The Cosine of 76.3 degrees reveals ~ .236 ~ which hides 6:23 PM.

1 / 76.3 = 0.01310 ~ 6:23 PM is the 1,103rd minute from midnight.

The mathematical understanding.

63.7 and 26.3 go hand in hand in creating a right triangle.

63.7 + 26.3 + 90 = 180, in which the day of when Rev. 12:1-2, is fulfilled is the 180th day on Moses’ calendar.

The Pyramid and the Heavens are saying the same thing at the same times. Alignment at Christ Angle (26.3 degrees) on Feast of Trumpets (September 20 – 21, 2017) with Venus and Regulus in conjuction.

Then on September 23, 2017, Venus has now been positioned to fulfill Rev. 12:1-2, and the Fire Baptism will come forth at 6:23 PM. The Holy Spirit took the form of a spiritual dove and came upon Yeshua and Yahweh spoke.

Jupiter the King Planet in the womb making an oval; (retrograde) as in a crown. Jupiter is aligned with the descending angle being 26.3 degrees.

This how the birth of the Manchild is connected to the Birth of Yeshua in Bethlehem. Angles!!!!

Notice the cornerstone angle is 76.3. To make a right triangle the other angle would be 90 – 76.3 = 13.7.

137 is known as the Fine Structure Constant that holds universe together. Discussed in detail throughout the site. November 12, is the 317th day of the year.

This is how the chief cornerstone of Giza is connected to the Universe.

Apex angle ~ 76.3 degrees
7 x 6 x 3 = 126

1Pe 2:6 ~ 126
reflection of (6) is (9).

126 ~ 129 ~ 291 heavenly cubits is slant height of Giza.

November means (9).

Marriage Supper Occurs November 12.

Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.


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