The right triangle formed holds great wisdom.

Side A: 2,160 ~ Moon’s diameter
Reflection of (6) is (9)
November means (9).
Marriage supper November 12.
Side B: 2,880 ~ hides number 288, 1 Chronicles 25:7
Side C: square root: 12,960,000

The number 1,296, is day of 5th seal from start of tribulation.

It is also: 1,296, days from first 1,260, days is when 6th seal occurs and Yeshua gathers wheat which is when it is twilight 10-3, in Jerusalem which is 1,103, minutes from midnight. Angle formed is Tangent -1 (1.3).

The mystery of the right triangle reveals:
•The day Yeshua stands up at 5th seal

•The day Yeshua takes over the Nations at 6th seal and gathers wheat.

This is the reason why Yeshua created the dimensions of the Earth and moon.

Square formed around Earth: 7920 x 4 = 31,680
Yeshua born: 31.68 degrees North Latitude

Square formed around Moon: 2160 x 4 = 8,640
Sun’s diameter: 864,000 miles.

Perimeter of right triangle:
2880 + 2160 + 3600 = 8,640


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