“An arc of a circle is like a bow and so is called a dhanu or cāpa which in Sanskrit means “a bow”. The straight line joining the two extremities of an arc of a circle is like the string of a bow and this line is a chord of the circle. This chord is called a jyā which in Sanskrit means “a bow string”. The word jīvā (literally “life”, cognate with quick, especially in its archaic sense as in “the quick and the dead”.) is also used as a synonym for jyā in geometrical literature (Suryasiddhanta 2.57).[1]”

The white horse riders had (be closely joined to a person or a thing) a BOW. They are a BOW as in a present, too.

The Bow ~ CIRCLE.

The bow and arrow image explains origin of Sine.
Cosine means complement of Sine,
and sine means bow strings.
Complementary numbers of the bow.
Circular Ark: bow
Sinuses provide shape to the face.

All numbers are complementary of each other. Thus seeing the completed Bow and Arrow and distance pulled back metaphor. Thus the very distance pulled back is called arrow. Hence the name.

Yeshua is taking over nations on Feast Of Trumpets 2024.

•The answer to 360 / 7 = ~ 51.4 converted to Sine and Cosine and their reciprocals reveals His plan.

•Sine 51.4:
~ .781 degrees
178th day is the day Yeshua takes over Nations and wheat are changed on Moses’ calendar.
Twilight ~ twinkling of an eye ~ New moon : moon blinks: in a moment “rega” 1/76 of a part: 0.0131 ~ 1,103th minute from midnight is 6:23 PM.

•Sine 51.4:
-0.909959051061711 radians
1 / -0.909959051061711 = 1.103
•Cosine 51.4:
~.623 degrees
6:23 PM, is 1,103, minutes from midnight.

Cosine 51.4:
0.422569747596897 radians
1 / 0.422569747596897 = ~ 2.36 ~ 6:23 PM.

~ .422 radians: 2024 AD.

Angle A) 25.7 degrees picture above
Heavens open solar day 275, Sunset in Jerusalem: 6:23 PM.

Volume Ark of Covenant x 360 =
5.625 x 360 = 2025

Acute Heptgram Angle: 25:7 degrees
Picture above


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