Grace, Grace.


Hab 2:14
For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Zec 4:7
Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.

•Volume of Chief Headstone / Cornerstone Giza:
~ 14.7 cubic meters
714 square angstroms:
DNA rectangle area
~ 417 weeks: start of Tribulation on Feast of Tabernacles timeline until Heavens Open:

•Volume of Chief Headstone / Cornerstone:
520.7 cubic feet
Heavens open evening of solar day 275

•Volume of Chief Headstone / Cornerstone Giza:
~ 899,793 cubic inches.

1 / 899,793 = 0.00000111136

Marriage Supper: From perspective of new day starts at midnight: evening of 11/11, 1,103, minutes from midnight solar day 316.


•Volume of Chief Cornerstone:
~ 19.2 cubic yards
•Height King’s Chamber Giza
(true base):
19.2′ is 230.4″

King’s chamber frequency: 432 hertz
Barley Harvest: new day 4/23, in Jerusalem at sunset

•From perspective new day starts at sunset:
Wheat harvest: early part of November (means 9), 12, at 6:23 PM. (2^6 x 3 = 192)
Queen’s chamber ceiling angle:
36′ 2 ‘ 3 degrees

Feast of Tabernacles timeline tribulation starts on 192nd day of solar calendar.

Daniel’s 70th week tribulation timeline:
19th day 2nd month on Yahweh’s calendar which is 312th day on solar calendar which is 11-8, on solar calendar.

•5th seal is 8th month 11th day on Yahweh’s calendar
•Wheat harvest is 11th day 8th month on Moses’

192 / 9 gifts of Holy Spirit = ~ 21.3
This is the Holy Spirit ~ The Testimony of Yeshua~ The Spirit of prophecy confirms the covenant written upon on hearts.
Daniel’s 2nd commandment went out 3rd month 21st day on Moses’ calendar.

192 x 9 gifts of Holy Spirit: 1,728
Volume of New Jerusalem Cube:
1,728,000,000,000 cubic furlongs
1 + 728 = 729 revealing Fine – Structure Constant: ~.00729

Height King’s Chamber Giza (floor surface):

Yeshua rose 17th day 1st month on Moses’ calendar.
Peace on Earth 11th day 7th month on Moses’ calendar.

Kings Granite box frequency:
117 hertz
117 earth days is one day on Venus
117 chapter of Psalms; middle chapter of Bible and shortest chapter of Bible and talks of Mercy.
117 square cubits total Surface Area of Ark of Covenant.

Giza completed height is 1/11th of a mile.
Peace on Earth 1st month 11th on Yahweh’s calendar.
5280 / 480 = 11


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