There are (14) phalanges in each hand.
1 / 14 = 0.0714

Yeshua’s name is shown by the very design of the bones in the hand.

The word ” hand”, is mentioned in 1,470, times in 1,296, verses.

1470 – 1296 = 174
DNA rectangle 714 square angstroms
Giza square area: 129,600 cubic heavenly cubits
Volume Chief Cornerstone Giza: ~ 14.7 cubic meters
Final “42” month starts at 7:14 PM first trump barley harvest
This is the 1,296th day from start of tribulation on Feast of Tabernacles timeline.

This day is 4/23. The 113th day of solar year.
Giza square area: ~ 13.1 square acres

Base perimeter Giza: 3,024 feet
One side of base Giza: ~ 230.4 meters
Slant edge Giza: ~ 342 heavenly cubits
Square Area New Jerusalem:
1,440,000,000 square acres
Log (2) 1,440,000,000 = ~ 30.42342
Giza base perimeter: 1,440 heavenly cubits


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