Diameter of Earth:
63,360 furlongs

63 + 360 = 423

Diameter of Sun:
6,912,000 furlongs

From start of Tribulation on Feast of Tabernacles timeline:

The 1,296th day is 4/23.

First Trump
5th Seal
Final “42” Months
Time, times, half a time
Hour of Judgment
Great Tribulation
Cry at Midnight (sunset)
7:13 PM – 7:14 PM

DNA dimensions

34 x 21 = 714 square angstroms

34/2 = 17
21/2 = 10.5

Feast of Tabernacles 10/5/2017
4/23/2021, is day 1,296.

Feast of Tabernacles timeline Tribulation begins evening of 10/4/2017, which has become 10/5, until evening of 4/22/2021,(Yeshua lived 12,240, days in flesh and blood) which has become 4/23, (wisdom is mentioned 234, times) from perspective new day starts at sunset.


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