Height New Jerusalem wall:
Total base perimeter Giza:
Base side Giza:
~ 240.3 meters
Slant edge height Giza:
~ 342 heavenly cubits
Yeshua was conceived 3rd month 24th day Yahweh’s calendar. Wisdom mentioned (234) times
5th seal: 4/23
First Trump sounds: 7:13 PM – 7:14 PM
DNA right triangle angle: -31.7014

Yeshua lived (34) years of (360) days
DNA height: 34 angstroms
Yeshua gave up ghost 4/3.
Yeshua conceived 12/24, solar calendar.
12,240, days in flesh and blood.
12 + 240 = 252
Inverse of DNA right triangle Hypotneuse:
~ 0.02502
Base side Giza:
252 yards

Yeshua fulfills selection of lamb:
1st month 10th day Moses’ calendar
DNA rectangle perimeter: 110 angstroms
√12,240 = ~ 110
Day of atonement is 1st month 10th day on Yahweh’s calendar

Yeshua gave up ghost:
7th month 14th day Yahweh’s calendar
DNA square area:
714 square Angstroms
Giza Capstone:
~ 14.7 cubic meters


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