Distance across Tree of Life
1.200980392156863 heavenly cubits which is ~ 30.26″.
(6) water pots (2) and (3) firkins

Volume of Tree of Life Cube:

~ 1.73 cubic heavenly cubits

Door is mentioned (173) times
Opened is mentioned (137) times
First Trump: 7:13 PM. 5th seal
Barley gathered

Last Trump:
6:23 PM. Wheat gathered: 10/3
(6) water pots (2) and (3) firkins
Tree of Life block ratio (27) times
27th prime number is 103.

Height of Tree of Life: Marriage Supper time.
2.36111111.. Heavenly cubits

6:23 PM evening of solar day 11/11, from new day starts at (12:00 am).

Width of Tree:
~ 32.06″ – 6:23 PM.
~ 1.2009 heavenly cubits
November (means 9), 12, day 317, perspective new day starts at sunset.


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