As you can see the Tree of Life creates octahedrons:
Our thought light vehicle our lamp stand

Smaller octahedron is:
Width: 2.88235294117647 hand breaths
Height: 4.6666666666666 hand breaths

Ratio: 2.88235294117647 / 4.6666666666666


0.61764705882353 in which angle created is:

~ 31.7014 degrees

It is SAME as our DNA angle.

21 / 34 = 0.61764705882353

Tree of Life rectangle:
8.647058823529412 hand breaths
(14) hand breaths main shaft

8.647058823529412 / 14 =



Tree of Life

Volume large octahedron / Volume small octahedron

Wheels within wheels
Spirit is within the wheels

262.5478621081546 cubic hand breaths


9.723994892894614 cubic hand breaths

= 27
Rev 2:7
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

(27) books New Testament
27th prime number 103
Yeshua gave up ghost: 3:01 PM
Yeshua gathers elect at 6th seal: 10/3
Yeshua comes to amount of Olives 10/3
2^7.2 = 147
Giza Capstone: ~ 14.7 cubic meters
Tree of Life volume of Pyramid:
~ 174 cubic hand breaths
Tree of Life Square area rectangle:
147 hand breaths
DNA 714 square angstroms
1 / 7 = .14
Barley harvest vanishing: 7:14 PM.

Octahedron “WITHIN” Octahedron
Spirit is “IN” wheel.

Understanding the Tree of Life programs your DNA to become our thought light vehicle.

Smaller octahedron:
Height is 4.6 hand breaths
46 Years to build second temple
46 chromosomes
Length of side
2.742523302329737 hand breaths
Yields volume:
9.723994892894606 cubic hand breaths

Medium Octahedron:
4.91297781583012 hand breaths
Yields Volume: 55.90210382344636 cubic hand breaths

The smaller octahedron is ~ 17.3 percent of the medium octahedron
The Number that holds universe together:
Fine – Structure Constant: 1 / 137
The volume of the Tree of Life outer cube:
~ 1.73 cubic heavenly cubits
“Door” is mentioned (173) times
“Opened” is mentioned (137) times
First Trump sounding Yeshua stands up at 5th seal: 7:13 PM
Angle found in DNA ~ 31.7 degrees
Branches on Tree of Life angled at: ~ 31.7 degrees
Marriage Supper day 317
Sun Travels 137 mps.


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