Circumference outer circle
Tree of Life:

~ 153″ fish

Total perimeter Ark of the Covenant:
~ 554″

153 / 554 = .276
554 / 153 = ~ 3.62
Peace on Earth Sunset (6:23 PM Becoming new day (276) in Jerusalem from perspective new day starts at sunset.

Circumference of inner circle:
Diameter: 32.66666666666″
Marriage Supper Time:
6:23 PM
Yields circumference:
Pi: 864/275

~ 102.632″ Tree of Life Circle

Evening of 10/2, 6:23 PM. Yeshua gathers wheat. One year later evening of 10/2, sunset in Jerusalem:
6:23 PM. Heavens open and Yeshua comes to Mount of Olives.


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