Sun travels (137) mps.

As the earth revolves on its axis, it is bathed in sunlight once per revolution. If the path of the sunlight were traced on the diameter of the earth (7,920 miles), it would cover 528 miles in one hour. The origin of mile is the relationship of light to time, and to the size of the earth and the speed of its rotation.
(1) mile = 5,280 feet

Tree of Life:
Volume of small octahedron:
~ 9.72 cubic hand breaths
Diameter of Earth: 7,920 canonical miles

Yields angles:
~ 31.7 degrees Sun travels (137) mps
Vertical (x) angles


~ 58.2 degrees – sunlight travels (528) miles per hour across surface of Earth
Horizontal (1) angles

DNA has exact angles as Tree of life.

Dimensions of DNA
21/34 angstroms


Tree of Life dimensions
Small Octahedron:

Hand breaths


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