From first blood moon to last blood moon tetrad inclusive is (532) days. Value for “Alpha” 532 = ἄλφα

1/2 of 532 = 266

9/23/2017, is 266th day of solar year. Birth of the man child.

From Solar eclipse March 20, 2015, until birth of man child on 9/23/2017, at 6:23 PM is:

(2) years (6) months (3) days which is ~ 131 weeks
= 6:23 PM is 1,103 minutes from midnight.

Square root 532 = ~ 23.06

Solar eclipse Starts at 7:41 AM. (UTC)
DNA square area: 714 square angstroms

From March 20, 2015, until First Trump sounding evening of 4/22/2021, 7:13 PM (Jerusalem time zone) is
~ 317 weeks.

5th seal resurrection of dead in Christ raised from graves wearing white robes seen by world then vanishing at
7:14 PM.
Rev. 7:14 Start of Great Tribulation known as the Hour of Judgment Rev. 14:7


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