From Daniel’s (2nd) commandment to rebuild Jerusalem until Peace on Earth is: 20,572, days.

•Daniel’s (2nd) commandment to rebuild streets and walls went forth on the 2nd year anniversary of the Six Day war. The commandment went forth 6/7/1969.
We are currently living in bible prophecy!!!
Dan 9:25
“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks….”
17,640 days (49 years x 360 days) moving forward is
9/23/2017, when Messiah The Prince is coming to dwell inside 144,000, and Rev. 12:1-2, is fulfilled.

It’s important to understand there is the Feast of Tabernacles timeline which last 2,555, days (7 years x 365) and Daniel’s timeline (7 years x 360 = 2,520 days).
Different start point but have same result. Yahweh is using (3) different calendars all complementing each other.

Feast of Tabernacles timeline starts on evening of 10/4/2017, which has now become 10/5/2017, Feast of Tabernacles.

•Daniel’s 70th week officially starts evening 11/9/2017, which has now become 11/10/2017, until evening of 4/22/2021, is 1,260, days.

For the most part life is going to continue on business as usual until the 5th seal resurrection. The elect in the graves will come out of the graves and be seen by world wearing white robes then vanish along with the literal 144,000. This is the “Cry at Midnight”. This world-wide event wakes up the wise virgins, and the rulers of this world use this event to implement the Mark of the Beast coming from the United Nations beast system that speaks by passing laws.
The bride (200,000,000); known as the corporate body “Two Witnesses” will continue on the Final “42” months to teach the wise virgins who are without number.
The Marriage to the Groom officially commences after the Great Tribulation.
It is at the First Trump barley harvest that the bride falls deeply in love with Yeshua, more than ever.
Ruth laid at Boaz’s feet after the barley harvest. The bride is currently gleaning from what the harvesters are leaving for them. The bride knew of the event. They see the event precisely as the Bible says and go forth the Final “42” months in mighty power of two wings of a great eagle which is the double portion Spirit without measure.

•5th seal: evening 4/22/2021, which has now become 4/23/2021, until evening 6th seal 10/2/2024, becoming 10/3/2024. Final “42” months. Time, times, half


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