The Cloud Chariot thought-light vehicle octahedron inside rainbow Vesica Piscis the completed throne of Yeshua.

Wheel within wheel

Vertical length Cloud Chariot: 14 feet

Ez. 1:4 — The Great Cloud

Width of Outer Cloud Chariot octahedron:

147/17 feet produces volume ~ 378 cubic feet

(378) verse is burning lamp which is Yeshua

Jacob lived (147) years with remaining (17) in Egypt.

Volume Capstone Giza: ~ 14.7 cubic meters

Christ angle Giza: 26.3 degrees

1/2 base side Giza length: 378 feet

Radius of Vesica Piscis

147 / 17 feet = ~ 2.63 meters

produces Vesica Piscis perimeter:

~ 36.2 feet

This is the reason Yeshua washed the feet, and that we would understand later.

Tree of Life inner cube volume:                                                                   ~ 36.2 cubic inches, top picture

Vesica Piscis with radius (1)

area of vesica minus area of (4) right triangles:

~ .362

Perimeter (1) right triangle: ~ 2.36                       Width inner Cloud Chariot: ~ 2.036 meters

Isa 36:2
And the king of Assyria (armies of beast nations) sent Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem unto king Hezekiah (King Yeshua) with a great army. And he stood by the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller’s field. (Wash)

Each circle length minus 1/2 Vesica:
~ 36.2 feet

1 / 36.2 = ~ .0276

This is when heavens open Yeshua’s feet touch Mount of Olives:

Sunset 6:23 PM new day 276 which is 10/3. Yeshua died 3:01 PM

Yeshua rose 6:23 AM.

He washes the garment of the Earth and Heaven by His Presence and the spoken word.

The seven thunders are the seven flames of Golden lamp stand Tree of Life that merges with our DNA to produce our Cloud Chariot octahedron surrounded by the rainbow which is Vesica Piscis.


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