Yeshua’s Throne DNA


•••DNA dimensions:
34 x 21 angstroms

•••All numbered and unnumbered Bible Verses
31,240 verses

•••Volume Yeshua’s Throne Sphere:
~10^32.41 cubic angstroms
~10^2.413 cubic meters

•••Slant edge Giza:
~ 10^12.34 angstroms

•••Volume Giza:
~ 2^41.23 cubic cm
~3,142^2 cubic heavenly cubits

•••Volume Capstone Giza:
~ 1,234 cubic spans

•••Square area base Capstone Giza:
~ 41.32 sq. heavenly cubits

•••Interior diagonal length King Solomon’s House
~ 324.1 spans

•••Total Surface area Most Holy Room:
~ 1,234^2 sq. inches

•••New Jerusalem base hypotenuse:
~ 2^23.41 feet

•••Perimeter Ark of Covenant
~ 10^1.342 heavenly cubits


Interior diagonal length Yeshua’s Throne Cube
~ 2^36.99 angstroms
DNA hypotenuse:
~ 39.96 angstroms
Volume of Yeshua’s Throne Sphere
~ 10^3.9609 cubic feet


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