DNA dimensions:
21 x 34 angstroms

21 / 34 = 0.617647058823529

Tangent 0.617647058823529 radians:
~ .7013 – First Trump sounding 7:13 PM.
Log (10) .7013 = – .1458
Angle found in Tree of Life Fractal
~ 15.48 degrees

Cotangent 0.617647058823529 radians
~ 1.407 – First Trump vanishing 7:14 PM.
DNA sq. area: 714 sq. angstroms

21/34 yields angle: ~ 31.7014 degrees
4/23/2021 —- 7:13 — 7:14 PM.

Tree of Life Branches angled at
~ 31.7014 degrees

Tree of Life inner circle surface area
~ 39.96 sq. inches

DNA hypotenuse:
~ 39.96 angstroms

DNA hypotenuse:

Tangent 1,597 radians: ~ 1.83
138 unnumbered verses in Psalms
~1,083″ perimeter inner octahedron
thought-light vehicle Cloud Chariot
~ 31.8 hand breadths slant edge outer outer octahedron
thought-light vehicle Cloud Chariot
~ 2^13.8 cubic hand breaths volume outer thought-light vehicle Cloud chariot
318 trained (means to number) servants
Abraham’s army
~ 18.3 hrs. from midnight is 6:23 PM.
Last Trump changing 6:23 PM
Perimeter outer octahedron thought-light vehicle Cloud chariot ~ 326 hands.
Hands is used in horse measurements.
Our cloud chariot is our horse. It’s how we travel for all eternity. It’s our merkahbah. The chariot of Israel.
Phillip means horse. He was translated.

Psa 139:14
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;(thought light vehicle) and that my SOUL knoweth right well.

Our DNA merges with the Tree of Life and produces our thought light vehicle.



Wheels within wheels.
Spirit is in wheels!!!!


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