The number 137 is most famous for its reciprocal being the numerical value of the fine structure constant. One divided by 137 is very close to the ratio that shows up in analysis of the fine structure of spectral lines of starlight.

It is in direct relationship with the magnitude of the electric charge of the electron.

Using two radii to divide a circle according to the golden ratio yields sectors of approximately 137° (the golden angle) and 222°.

Log (2) 222 = ~ 10^2.34
Wisdom is mentioned (234) times
Height New Jerusalem wall:
302.4 feet
Base perimeter Giza:
3,024 feet
Base side Giza:
~ 230.4 meters
Slant edge height Giza:
~ 342 heavenly cubits
Length King Solomon’s Temple
432 hand breadths
Interior diagonal length King Solomon’s house
~ 243 feet
One day on Venus is 243 Earth days
Wisdom and truth is mentioned in (222) verses

Door is mentioned in (173) verses
Opened is mentioned (137) times
Current height Giza:
~ 137 meters
Height King Solomon’s Temple
~ 19.20731
~ 19.2 hrs. from midnight is 7:13 PM

First Trump Sounding 7:13 PM
Becoming 4/23
Sunset Jerusalem time zone

Exact golden angle:
137.5077640500379 degrees
Which is 2^7.103 degrees

phi =
~ 0.61803

31.68 north latitude

Marriage Supper of Lamb
Evening of 316th day
~ 18.3 hrs from midnight


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