The bride comes down out of heaven evening of

10/2/2025 AD.

Which has become 10/3/2025 AD.

Sq. area New Jerusalem:
2,250,000 sq. miles hides 2025 AD.

Sq. area New Jerusalem:
62,726,400,000,000 sq. feet

627 – day 276
264 – 6:24 PM.
Jerusalem time zone
Length of one side New Jerusalem:
2,640,000 yards
DNA hypotenuse: ~ 39.96
Sine 39.96 degrees: ~ .642

6:24 PM. Jerusalem time zone is:

3:24 PM. UTC
Coordinated Universal Time

This is the 924th minute from midnight:
YASHAYA conceived 9th month 24th day
Moses’ calendar which is 3rd month 24th day on
AHAYAH ‘S calendar.

3:24 PM. UTC
324th verse of John
“Many of the people therefore, when they heard this saying, said, Of a truth this is the Prophet.”

Height New Jerusalem wall
302.4 feet
Giza base Perimeter:
3,024 feet

Height King Chamber Giza:
~ 230.4″
King’s chamber Giza frequency
432 hertz
Sun’s radius
432,000 miles
Slant edge height:
~ 342 heavenly cubits
Base side Giza:
~ 230.4 meters
Height King Solomon’s Porch
Length King Solomon’s Temple
432 hand breadths
Interior diagonal length
King Solomon’s HOUSE
~ 243 meters
One day on Venus the morning star:
243 Earth days
On day on Venus:
2^24.3 seconds
Wisdom mentioned (234) times
Value for Abram אברם

DNA perimeter: 110 angstroms
Cosine 110 degrees: ~ – .342

From perspective (1) is not a prime number:

324th prime number:


DNA dimensions:

21 x 34 angstroms

(6) permutations (324) added up

1/2 length DNA hypotenuse:

~ 19.98 angstroms.

Gen. 30.24
And she called his name Joseph; and said, The LORD shall add to me another son.

Joseph name means “AHAYAH has added”.

He lived 110 years.
DNA perimeter: 110 angstroms


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