Answer to Pi and phi


From a universal perspective of all time zones.


First Trump Sounding

Pi hides First Trump Sounding:

Pi = ~ 3.14
Father AHAYAH revealed His name to Moses
Ex. 3:14

5th seal occurs 4:13 UTC.
This is ~ 16.2 hrs. from midnight
Moon’s diameter: 2,160 miles
(6) rotated is (9)
~ 19.2 hrs. from midnight is 7:13 PM
Jerusalem time zone.

1 / 413 = 0.002421
YASHAYA lived 12,240, days in flesh and blood

Evening of 4/22/2021, at 4:13 PM UTC time.

Pi hides when elect go to heaven
Pi = ~ 3.14

1 / 3.14 = .318

~ 18.3 hrs. from midnight is 6:23 PM
Jerusalem time Zone which is 4:23 UTC time zone.
Wisdom is mentioned in (234) verses.
Sun’s radius 432,000 miles

4:23 UTC is
16.38 hrs. from midnight
phi = 0.61803
YASHAYA born 31.68 North latitude
Total perimeter New Jerusalem cube:
31,680,000 yards
Draw a square around Earth
31,680 miles

Elect go to Marriage supper evening:
316th day ~ 18.3 hrs. from midnight Jerusalem time zone
Which is ~ 16.38 hrs. from midnight UTC time zone.

314th prime number: 2,083

YASHAYa rose on the 3,802nd minute from time He gave up ghost.
He rose 6:23 AM.
Elect rise 6:23 PM.
Jerusalem time zone


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