All the dimensions of Giza hide multiple times

5th seal First Trump sounding
7:13 PM. ~ 19.2 hrs. from midnight Jerusalem time zone becoming new day 4/23.
Current height Giza: ~ 137 meters
Height King’s chamber: 19.2 feet
Height King’s. chamber: 230.4″
Frequency King’s chamber:
432 hertz

First Trump vanishing
4:14 UTC
144,000 original covering stones
Base perimeter
1,440 heavenly cubits
First Trump vanishing

PM. Jerusalem time zone
Volume Kings coffer
1.074 x 10^29 cubic angstroms
DNA sq. area
714 sq. angstroms

6th seal Last Trump changing
Grand gallery length 153 feet (153 fish)
~ 15.3 hrs. from midnight elect are changed in a moment UTC. Time. Which is 6:23 PM. Jerusalem.
Queen’s height floor to pointed roof:
6.23 meters
Angle of passage way: 26.3 degrees
Slant height Giza:
~ 203.6 yards
Queen’s Chamber ceiling slant angle:
30° 26′

Then (40) days and (40) nights later

Height of Giza altar: ~ 138 meters
138 unnumbered bible verses

~ 18.3 hrs. is 6:23 PM. Jerusalem time zone.

Frequency in Chamber: 432 hertz

4:23 PM. UTC. time is 6:23 PM. Jerusalem
Elect go to third heaven.
Slant edge height of remaining Giza:
43.22036 feet
Queen’s chamber to pointed ceiling
6.23 meters which is ~ 20.43 feet

Then on the 326th day from when bride goes to heaven
At 6:23 PM. Jerusalem heavens open and YASHAYA comes to Mount of Olives
Then at 3:24 PM. UTC perspective
Bride comes down
Base perimeter Giza:
Base side Giza:
~ 230.4 meters
Completed slant edge Giza:
~ 342 heavenly cubits

Slant angle Giza
51.84 degrees
Surface area Giza
51.84 square pyramid acres

15.4 hrs. from midnight UTC. is 18.4 hrs. from midnight Jerusalem.
Bride comes down


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