DNA rectangle
110 angstroms

Cosine 110 degrees

Wisdom is mentioned (234) times

●First trump sounding when it becomes 4/23, in Jerusalem

●Elect go to third heaven 4:23 PM.UTC.

●Bride comes down out of heaven 3:24 PM  UTC.

Wisdom is mentioned (181) times in Old Testament
Wisdom is mentioned  (53) times in New Testament

53 / 181 produces angle

~ 16.32 degrees

DNA hypotenuse
~ 6.321^2 angstroms.
DNA hypotenuse
~2^-26.103 heavenly cubits
Mercy seat Ellipse circumference 
Volume of ellipse inside Ark
~ 36.12^3 cubic inches

Evening of 316th day at 6:23 PM
Height New Jerusalem Wall
 ~ 60.23^2 inches
Jerusalem time zone Elect go to third heaven

This is 4:23 PM. UTC
Height New Jerusalem Wall
Height New Jerusalem Wall
4,032 spans

Base perimeter Giza

Base side Giza
~ 230.4 meters

Slant edge Giza
~342 Heavenly cubits

Wisdom mentioned
234 times

Sun’s radius
432,000 miles

Length King Solomon’s temple
432 hand breadths

Height King Solomon’s Porch

Bride comes down out of heaven

3:24 PM.

This is the 924th minute from
Total perimeter King Solomon’s Temple
924 feet
YASHAYA concieved
9th month 24th day on Moses’


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