Septuagint reads:
Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season (precise timing) and guide the Evening Star by his long hair?”

Mazzaroth is Venus which used to have a comet-like tail.
In Greek “komet” means long haired one.

This is the “changes of heaven” Job talks about.
33 And knowest thou the changes of heaven, or the events which take place together under heaven?

Mazzaroth changed from comet-like
to planet.
Just as we are changed.

Mazzaroth is morning star and evening star every ~ 263 days
YASHAYA rose 6:23 AM .
Mazzaroth orbits around sun in shape of flower
~ 13 times per 8 years
Fibonacci numbers

In fact, it is said that whatever expresses itself in this ratio is most pleasing to us

~ 18.3 percent of day is 6:23 PM
We are changed in a moment

It takes 224.701
days for mazzaroth to orbit sun.
2024 AD.
7th month
1st day
We are changed
Feast of Trumpets
Year long Day of the Lord starts.

Takes Mazzaroth (243) days to rotate once

■First Trump: 4/23

■Elect go to third heaven..
4:23 PM. UTC. Which is 6:23 PM. Jerusalem

■Bride comes down out of heaven
3:24 PM. UTC

1st month 17th day
AHAYAH’S calendar

Mazzaroth day ~117 earth days. 
YASHAYA rose 1st month 17th day Moses’ Calendar


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