Evening star Planet Venus
Mazzaroth the morning star Venus
Venus the morning star that sang
DNA contains Phosphorus the morning star

Venus and our DNA are revealing same message 

The authority to rule

YASHAYA is light giver

YASHAYA hid His exact return time to Mount of Olives in number of days Venus; the beloved planet of love is a morning and evening star ~ 263 days

Giza Christ angle: 26.3 degrees
Draw a line from Giza to Bethlehem and Jordan it is at 26.3 degrees

Hides 6:23 PM. Sunset in Jerusalem time zone.
Heavens open and peace on earth starts
Dna hypotenuse: ~ 6.32^2 angstroms
Inner diagonal Ark: ~ 23.6 hand breadths
Venus is ~263, days morning and evening star

26 x 3 = 78

7th and 8th Fibonacci numbers
8 and 13

Songs 8:13 Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: make me hear it.

~ 18.3 hrs. from midnight is 6:23 PM.
Jerusalem time zone
Last trump changed in a moment

Venus takes 243.01 days to spin once on its axis. DNA 34 x 21 angstroms
Fibonacci numbers

With this slow rotation rate it actually takes 18.3 days longer for Venus to spin once on its axis than it takes for the planet to orbit the Sun
Circumference white stone Ellipse inside
DNA rectangle. .0000000138
Heavenly cubits.

138 unnumbered Bible verses in Psalms

EARTH days to orbit around Sun
Divided By
Venus days to orbit around Sun.

365.256 / 224.701 = ~ 13:8 ratio

Venus makes this orbital formation.
13 times around the sun in 8 years


Changed in a moment: ~18.3 hrs.
Venus year 224.701 days
2024 AD
7th month
1st day. Feast of Trumpets

263 days is 6,312 hours

~23.6 hand breadths inner diagonal
Ark of the Covenant.

Circumference of ellipse on front Ark

DNA hypotenuse 6.321^2  angstroms

Evening of 316th day at 6:23 PM
Elect go to Marriage Supper
Jerusalem time zone

We are changed at 6:23 PM
Then wait 40 days and 40 nights supernaturally protected then rise at
6:23 PM.
Then on the 326th day at 6:23 PM.
Heavens open

Day of the Lord is one year

40 days and 40 nights protected
325 days in third heaven
Day 1 heavens open

326th day


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