Below we have 3 seperate events

Jerusalem Sunset 4/22/2021,
7:13 PM.- 7:14 PM
First trump sounding
We have First Trump;  5th seal vanishing of 144,000, along with resurrected dead in Christ who came up out of graves seen by world wearing white robes

10/2/2024, 6:23 PM.
Jerusalem time zone
America destroyed
Year Long Day of the Lord starts
Elect are not appointed to wrath, but like Noah will be supernaturally protected.
Elect bodies are changed and will witness it for 40 days and 40 nights.
Last Trump; 6th seal resurrection of dead of who died during Great Tribulation;  gathering of those in heaven and on those on earth who are alive and remain. ALL are changed.

11/11/2024, 6:23 PM.
We have the elect going to Marriage Supper of the Lamb

■5th seal
~ 16.23 hrs. from midnight UTC.  is  ~ 80.136 percent of day Jerusaelm time

■6th seal
Changed in a moment First moment 6:23 PM. Jerusalem time zone

This is ~ 18.36 hrs. from midnight
Log (10) 1836 = ~ 3.26

■ Marriage Supper
~ 18.36 hrs. from midnight Jerusaelm time zone is
~ 1.683 hrs. from previous Jerusaelm sunset

 6:23 PM. is 16:23 UTC.
Log (10) 18.36 = ~ 1.236

As you can see all the events are revealing the same numbers and are
hidden in our DNA .
Kingdom of God is within us. 

Value of “one” 13
Value of “God” 26

●DNA hypotenuse
~ 6.321^2 angstroms
●DNA ellipse circumference
~ .00000001386 heavenly cubits 

Value of “Lord Jesus Christ” 3168


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