13th Fibonacci number 233

10/3, Saints changed in a moment 3:23 PM. UTC
which is 6:23 PM. Jerusalem time zone which is ~ 18.36 hrs. of day

Jesus rose sunset 6:23 AM. Jerusalem time zone ~ 18.63 hrs. from end of day
Jesus rose 3:23 AM. UTC.

This was 20.63361111 hrs. from end of the day
Saints go to marriage supper
6:23 Pm, eveing of 316th day which is 11/11
This is 4:23 PM. UTC.
Jesus died 43,200, seconds of day UTC
Jeuse died 32,400, seconds from end of day
Jerusalem time zone

The reason why the UTC. time changed is because Jerusalem moved their clocks back (1) during this time.

Remember once the saints are changed they wait (40) days and (40) nights just like Noah then go to 3rd heaven for 325 earth days.

Then evening of 10/2/2025 AD. Jerusalem sunset 6:23 PM. It has become 10/3, in Jerusalem,
but it is 3:23 PM. UTC.
13th Fibonacci number is 233.

Jesus comes to Mount of Olives


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