Daniel’s 70th week duration
2,520 days
40 days  (saints supernaturally protected) = 2,560 days

“Jesus” and “Christ” together 256, times

DNA perimeter ~ .00000000002506 megalithic miles

Daniel 9.27
Tangent 9.27 degrees 0.1632
Starts 16:23 UTC
End of 2,560, days ends 16:23 UTC.
DNa hypotenuse ~ 6.321^2 angstroms
value “one” 13
value “Lord” 26

Jerusalem perspective
Starts evening of 11/8, (2017 AD)
which has become 11/9, and goes to 11/11, (2024)
November means  (9) 
Evening of 11/11, has become 11th day 8th month Moses’ Calendar which has become 317th day on solar. DNA right triangle angle
~ 31.7 degrees.


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