Greek value “Gamaliel” γαμαλιηλ 123 Gamaliel means recompense of God
Dihedral angle in Star Tetrahedron ~ 1.23, radians

Hebrew value “Gamaliel” גמליאל 114 Gamaliel means reward of God
Volume of outer Star Tetrahedron ~ 114, cubic feet

Paul studied at feet of Gamaliel

Greek value Paul παυλος 781 Paul means little
Volume of little (inner) Star Tetrahedron ~ 1.78, cubic feet

Paul of Tarsus Ταρσευς Tarsus means “a flat basket”
Tarsus has Greek value 1,206

Paul of Tarsus
The play on the word Tarsus hiding Torus

Paul (Little) Tarsus (Torus) has major and minor diameter ~ 2.16′
“That certain saint”  who is “Palmoni” in Hebrew 216 פלמוני
Palmoni means the wonderful numberer, the numberer of secrets
Palmoni is Jesus Christ who is The Prince of the host


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