The 154th fish 

Square root 154: ~ 12.409

Surface area Star in 3D:  ~ 194.20, square feet. Birth of manchild 9:40:12 p.m. Jerusalem

John 21:9, cuboctahedron dihedral angle ~ 2.19, radians. Surface area (1) Tetrahedron ~ 129, square feet. Jesus born 901.2, minutesof day. 

Young’s Literal Translation “when, therefore, they came to the land, they behold a fire of coals lying, and A FISH lying on it, and bread.”

John 21:10. Height Star 3D: square root ~ 112

“Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish (they had 153, fish; outer apex angles of tetrahedron added up: ~ 1,053, degrees) which ye have now caught.” 864th verse. 
There are 1.706, percent verses left. 
Tetrahedron sides 8.64′ produces Tetrahedron volume 76.01, cubic feet. 

Perimeter Star drawn in 2D.  ~ 415″ which is 1,054 cm. 

There are 154, fish. Jesus has one. Israel became nation 5/14. Value for Israel in Hebrew  ישראל. 541.        Bride comes down out of heaven ~ 15:4, hours of day UTC.
Jesus brought 1, fish out of total 154. (1/154 = .64)
~ 15:4, hours is ~ 64, percent of day. 


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